Friday, January 21, 2011

The Global Warming

“Our world is getting warmer and never been before”

The Global Warming is not the new issue. For most of the people concern about the temperature changes affected the climate around us. “Global warming is the increase in the average temperature of Earth's near-surface air and oceans since the mid-20th century and its projected continuation.” Global Warming is not the new as we known but never happened thousand and thousand years ago but it was just happened was few hundred years back. The question is why happening to us now? Everyone may have their answer but my point of view is sample, is human problem. Why? Because human is so selfish included you and me and all of us. What had we done? We had done so much so called developments without considering the impact to the environment. We are part of it, directly and/or indirectly;

  • We cut down tree; we destroyed the large area of jungle/forest which is a very important factor to keep the greenhouse gas such CO2 back to ground.

  • We build so many big high-rise building which is considered a huge heavy mass concentrated in one area of the earth. Our earth loosing the balancing now!

  • We dig so much as we could into the earth, just looking for cheaper energy hide inside it for daily use, which is something is not belong to our world. We had released so much harmful greenhouse gases to the air cause air pollution.

  • We discovered even the most cheap energy source from Atom Nuclear which is may leading us to the end of the world!

We know we are wrong, we were wrong. We need to stop all kinds of incredible activities immediately to save our earth.

"How can we are so cruel to our next generation, our children, our son….how can we…..?!! You have no right to distroy the ground and air we share."

If we are still keeping on doing these, I think we may have no future. Our child is our future!

Think about our next generation and/or our next…next…next generation, where are they will be without our lovely earth? And think carefully.

The major greenhouse gases are:

Water Vapor is the most contribution element to the greenhouse effect. It is a naturally form to keep earth warm to certain extend which is give warming to the lives. But lately human had used water vapor to generate the useful energy; water is used to cool down the overheated machinery, nuclear power plant and so on, Water Vapor generated so huge and is a side effects from them.